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Products: Desktop Low Pressure Calibration System

Offering features never before possible, the United Instruments LPC is the first completely self-contained low pressure calibration system.

Now with one instrument you can measure gauge and differential pressures in the low ±H20 range with an accuracy better than 0.035%. Provide reliable pressure control, and program the calibration of pressure sensors and other devices. Feature-rich and far less costly than conventional systems, the lightweight United Instruments LPC is the new choice for laboratory and industrial applications.

The sophisticated software and simple keyboard design allow for unprecedented versatility and ease of use. Other unique features include an intelligent auto-zero function which eliminates errors in measurement, an RS 232C computer interface, and an internal NiCad battery for remote use. The United Instruments LPC is also NIST-traceable.

• Measure Gauge and Differential
• Accuracy Better Than .035%
• Program up to 99 Points
• Lightweight and Portable
• NIST-Traceable
•Available in 30" W.C.

Click Here to See a Video Demonstration

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