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The United Instruments’ Data Logger is a unique instrument for calibrating and data logging all your pressure sensors. The Data Logger works in conjunction with the Low Pressure Calibrator (LPC). One can upload all the desired information to the Data Logger on each pressure sensor from the “Up Load” program.

Including “% Error of Full Scale”, multiple pressure ranges, different test parameters, and “Group / Tag” information, or manually through the Keypad. Depending on the Dwell time the user can store up to 100 Pressure sensors. Each calibration curve consists of a “Before” and “After”- “Zero”, “Mid” and “Span”. After all the information (mA from the Pressure Sensor and info from the LPC) is stored into the Data Loggers’ memory, it then can be downloaded to the computer, to generate graphs and reports. The Data Logger is lightweight (L = 8.5”, W= 4.25”, 1.5 Lbs.) and portable (rechargeable NiMH).

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